Life Insurance For Kids

When looking for life insurance for kids, there are several options. Each option is dependent upon the purpose of obtaining the insurance and whether or not it is permanently or temporarily needed. There are ways to obtain a very inexpensive policy that I’ll cover in just a moment. First, let’s take a look at various policy types you can buy for your child.

Term Life. This is a temporary form of life insurance that is best suited for parents that are simply wanting to cover death and burial expenses, should your little loved one pass away unexpectedly. This is typically purchased to cover your child during adolescence and into early adulthood. A 20 year term policy is common. There is however, no benefits to a term policy other than strictly death benefit and once the policy expires, all monies paid into the policy are lost. This is the least expensive coverage.

Whole Life. Whole life insurance has a level death benefit that never decreases and lasts to age 100. The premiums never increase and there is a guaranteed cash value. This cash value can be used for education or as loan collateral. Whole life policies can be surrendered for their cash value at any time after the third year, which is when most whole policies begin to build this cash value. This is ideal, if you wish to purchase a policy for your child and turn that policy over to be their responsibility when they are of age. They will have the benefit of low premiums throughout life and the cash value will have been growing and earning interest from the date of original purchase.

10 Pay Life. This is a whole life policy that is “paid up” in ten years and no further premiums are ever required to keep the policy in force.

20 Pay Life. The same as 10 pay, except that the policy is paid in full in 20 years, rather than 10. 20 pay is less expensive than 10 pay life.

There are thousands of insurance companies in America. The easiest way to find the best rates and policies is to use an online life insurance comparison website.

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